in 2019 i painted a lot of these angels. here are most of them, in the least optimal viewing experience possible.

move around with WASD or arrow keys. please don't leave the screen, i couldn't get colliders to work.

there's no end or anything, just leave the gallery whenever you'd like.

content warning: realistic eye

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Made withUnity
Tags2D, artgame, flatgame
Average sessionA few minutes


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These paintings are beautiful! What a fun way to showcase them, too.

thank you!! <3

i love the golden-river-angel and the global vibes


thank you <3

I like your paintings


thank you!! :)

I like the themes, the art looks pretty good too. Gives off Sci-Fi epic kind of vibes. You got something really cool here. Keep it up! Great work!

thanks! i’d never thought of these as sci-fi, that’s a cool way to think of them! might reboot them with that in mind now :)

It gives off this Dune/Hyperion vibe. It's very cool!