hacking the html5 reader for the electric zine maker is so easy it barely warrants such a pompous title. is just a little fudging with the code — no JS knowledge required at all! still, i think it's worth it having that knowledge easily acessible for those who don't want to poke around.

in this silly little zine you'll learn how to use custom page sizes (spoiler: you don't have to do anything at all really) and custom number of pages (an extra step but still won't take more than a couple minutes) — so you can make your zine as spiffy as you'd like on multiple other programs (like a totally legit copy of adobe indesign) and still have a nice and simple way to present them online.

here's a comment by vividgrim explaining one more hack: adding music to your zine

to see a custom (horizontal!) res in action check out my zine transgenderize the eschaton :)

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if i may submit one more hack, for anyone interested in giving their zine a soundtrack:

for music, add this line to the HTML file in the <body> tag, after the ezmreader.js <script> tags

<audio src="song.mp3" autoplay loop display="none">

then rename the html "index.html" and zip it, along with your song (make sure the name matches the one in the html!) and of course your zine into a ZIP or RAR file, and upload to Itch like normal

here's screenshots for any visual learners:


oh that’s super nice! i kinda miss the autoplaying music player on tumblr themes days hehe. thanks for the addition!